How to buy Ethereum on Etoro

how to buy ethereum on etoro


Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days, and Ethereum is a hot favorite among investors. If you’re itching to get your hands on some Ethereum, eToro is a user-friendly platform that can help you do just that. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process in simple terms, making it easy for a 16-year-old to understand.

1.1. What is Ethereum?

Alright, let’s start with the basics. Ethereum is like a digital playground where people can build all sorts of cool stuff. It’s not just about sending money; it’s about creating decentralized apps, or “dApps,” that run on its blockchain. The money used within this Ethereum world is called “Ether” or “ETH.”

1.2. What is eToro?

Now, eToro is where the magic happens. It’s an online platform where you can trade all kinds of stuff – stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. It’s known for being super easy to use and has this neat feature where you can copy what successful traders are doing.

Setting Up an eToro Account

2.1. How to Sign Up

First things first, you need to create an eToro account. It’s as easy as signing up for your favorite social media platform. Just head over to eToro’s website, click ‘Sign Up,’ and fill in your details. They’ll send you an email to confirm your account.

2.2. Verifying Your Account

Now, eToro wants to make sure you’re not a robot (or a bad actor). To do that, they’ll ask for some ID, like a driver’s license, and proof of your address, which could be a utility bill or something similar.

Putting Money on eToro

3.1. How Can You Pay?

Once you’ve got your account ready, it’s time to put some money in. eToro accepts various payment methods, like credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and more. Pick the one that suits you best.

3.2. How Much and Are There Fees?

You’ll need at least $200 for your first deposit. Remember, they might charge you some fees, so make sure to check their website for the most up-to-date info.

Finding Ethereum on eToro

4.1. Using the Search Bar

Looking for Ethereum is easy-peasy. Just type “Ethereum” or “ETH” into the search bar at the top of the screen.

4.2. Looking in the Crypto Section

Or, if you want to explore, you can head to the section where they list all the cryptocurrencies. Ethereum will be hanging out there.

Buying Ethereum

5.1. How to Buy

Found Ethereum? Awesome! Now, click on it and look for the ‘Buy’ option. Click that, and you’re on your way.

5.2. Choosing Your Price

When you’re ready to buy, you have two choices: “Market” or “Limit.” “Market” means you’ll buy at the current price, while “Limit” lets you set your own price.

5.3. How Much to Buy

Decide how much money you want to invest or how many Ethereum coins you want to grab.

More Advanced Stuff on eToro

6.1. What’s Leverage?

Now, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, there’s something called “leverage.” It’s like using a small amount of your money to control a much larger amount. Keep in mind, it can amplify your profits, but it can also make your losses bigger.

6.2. Using Leverage

When you’re setting up your trade, you can choose how much leverage you want to use.

6.3. What’s Shorting?

“Shorting” is like making a bet that the price of Ethereum will go down. If it does, you can make some money, but if it goes up, you might lose. Be careful with this one!

Selling and Getting Your Money

7.1. Selling Ethereum

If you ever want to sell your Ethereum, go to your list of assets, click on Ethereum, and then hit the ‘Sell’ button.

7.2. Getting Your Money Out

To withdraw your money, choose your preferred method and follow the steps. It’s like taking your winnings off the table.

Copying What Other Users Do

8.1. What’s CopyTrading?

Now, here’s a cool feature – CopyTrading. It’s like having a mentor in the world of trading. You can copy what other successful users are doing automatically.

8.2. How to Copy Others

To do this, find users who are really good at trading Ethereum, and click ‘Copy.’ Then, your account will mimic their trades.

Staying Safe on eToro

9.1. How eToro Keeps You Safe

eToro takes your safety seriously. They use fancy encryption to protect your data and funds. Plus, they follow all the rules set by the authorities.

9.2. Keeping Your Account Safe

Here’s a pro tip: always use a strong password, set up extra security steps like two-factor authentication, and be super cautious about clicking on suspicious links or giving out your info.


So, there you have it! eToro is your gateway to the exciting world of Ethereum. Remember, while it’s thrilling, it can also be risky. Always do your homework and trade responsibly.

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